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January 15, 2020
Killeen, TX

Mother Nature Festival Live

Letter from Founder Gary Revel


An open letter from Gary Revel, Founder-President of Mother Nature Festival Live.

For years now, I have heard from Climate Change Deniers, that the changes we are seeing are the natural order of things. Of course this is a lie. The Global Warming we are experiencing isn't because of the natural order of things. It is because climate is changing due to the activities of human beings.

Another argument I hear is, when we have a very cold day that sets a low temperature record, the Climate Change Deniers say, see we can't be experiencing Global Warming because we set a low temperature record. Actually the dynamic changes we are seeing, in the weather, is further evidence of Global Warming. As the temperature rises, world-wide, we will see more dynamic changes in weather, and weather patterns.

There is a difference between weather and climate. Weather is, daily or even minute to minute changes in temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind and storms, i.e., hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes. Climate is the average of weather events over a longer period of time, i.e., 30 years or more. The current changes in our climate is making the world warmer, and making storms more dynamic, in their extremes, for example stronger storms, and more severe droughts and fires etc. Most climate scientists have projected, that we are fast arriving at a tipping point, when it will be too late to save our Earth from becoming a place, that is uninhabitable for humans.

Why is Global Warming a problem and what can we do about it?

One of the most important reasons is the burning of fossil fuels. With that burning, we release greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide and methane) into the atmosphere. These gases trap heat, warm our planet, and throw our natural systems out of balance. Our atmosphere is getting warmer and so is our global sea surface temperatures. As our oceans get warmer, hurricanes and other storms get stronger and more dangerous.

According to Pew Research, a majority of Americans see that climate change affects their local area—and many of those people “pointed to changes in the weather, including increasing frequency of severe storms, droughts, floods, and wildfires.”

Weather records prove that climate is changing, and causing serious and deadly changes in our daily weather patterns. As the climate becomes warmer, we’re starting to see weather that is more extreme, and we’re seeing it more often. To be specific about how this is happening, just know that water evaporates into the atmosphere from both land and sea, and returns to Earth’s surface in the form of rain and snow. As the world warms, the rate of evaporation, from our land and oceans is increasing, powering stronger and stronger storms in many places and drought in others.

Climate change is causing farmers to undergo changes in their ability to grow crops, that provide food. Water security is being threatened also by Global Warming, and both these together, food and water make for drastic possible threats to worldwide health and economy.

Trying to use the temporary changes in weather, as a measuring stick to deny Climate Change is a favorite argument, from those who don't want to face the truth about Global Warming.

The weather changes minute by minute. It might be cold, icy or snowy one day and warm the next. It may be colder than ever in the history of weather record keeping one day, and hotter than ever, in the history of weather record keeping the next. These are changes that are happening more often now than ever before, and these are proofs of Global Warming. The proof is clear and present that planet Earth is getting warmer, and warmer, and those who argue against the provable science are simply wrong. Fossil fuel burning power plants, factories and vehicles are major causes of Global Warming. Environmental Sustainability is a key goal, we can seek to attain, in the mission to stop Global Warming. Building and using clean, renewable energy plants and sources is the first steps we need to take to stop Global Warming. We still have time to avoid the tipping point and create a turnaroung in our changing climate. Please join with us at Mother Nature Festival Live in starting today to do what needs to be done to STOP GLOBAL WARMING.

We also keep in mind and work in societal, charitable, and philanthropic efforts to generally make our planet Earth, a better, and safer place for us all.

Please let us know how you can help, whether it's donating money, becoming an activist in the field or supporting us in some other way you believe you would be most helpful at. We welcome you and the fact is, it will take all of us working together to stop this out of control train to destruction that is speedily approaching the tipping point.

Thank You,

Gary Revel, Founder-President
Mother Nature Festival Live

To join in and participate in this historic and urgent cause reply to this email or reach out to our Executive Director, Richard Faith, phone 315 529-8183.

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