Mother Nature Festival Live


The first festival is tentatively set to launch Spring of 2021 or later as related to concerns of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Mother Nature Festival Live Inc., home office, Oswego, New York, will be the launch center to go Worldwide with the message of helping Mother Nature by stopping Global Warming.

All speakers and artists who participate will get the benefit of the Mother Nature brand which is universal and recognized by billions of people around the world. Anyone who gets an opportunity to perform or speak, at the event, will have opportunities to increase their worldwide stature, and prominence, in an historical setting, that will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Anyone who wants to participate will find it to be a great happening that will go down in history as a step in the right direction in saving the human habitability of planet Earth by putting a stop to Global Warming.

To donate money use the donate button/links on or contact Richard Faith at 315 529-8183.

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Join us at

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