December 11, 2019
Killeen, TX 76542
Mother Nature Festival Report 1

It is no mystery why the Oxford University Press has declared 'climate emergency' to be the word of the year. As our Mother Nature Festival begins to take shape we are compelled to make the urgent call to all inhabitants of planet Earth to take note of the coming disaster we are facing if we don't stop Global Warming.

Teenagers around the world are demanding answers of their government and civic leaders about glacier melting, rising sea level, rising average temperatures, dead zones in ocean and lake waters, bee habitations as well as deadly levels of pollutants and Carbon Dioxide in our air and water. What we have to decide is what will we do to stop Global Warming.

Speaking out is the first thing we all can do. Ocean water cleanups, stream/lake/river cleanups, recycling, reforestation, stopping fossil fuel energy use, and actively engaging in postive growth of clean and renewable energy sources and uses are other things we can do.

Mother Nature Festival is planning an event in the Spring of 2021 in Oswego, New York to launch a worldwide campaign to help Mother Nature. Helping Mother Nature will result eventually in stopping Global Warming.

The facts are clear. If we don't stop Global Warming the human habitability of planet Earth will be lost.

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Gary Revel: Founder-President of Mother Nature Festival and Mother Nature Festival Live

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